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WIU Interactive Online


WIU Interactive Online

Take E-learning to the max at WIU.

The one online program that really is different...

You've probably checked out other online education programs. Maybe even took some classes. They're all alike, right? Not anymore...because WIU Interactive Online really stands out.

The immediacy of live.
The convenience of recorded.

Western International University (WIU) promises individualized learning, and we deliver. One way we fulfill our commitment is through our new online curriculum for working adults called WIU Interactive Online. It's not like other online programs that rely on regular email only. It's a combination of live and recorded classes, so you feel connected to your instructor and fellow students, yet still have the convenience of time and place that you've come to expect in online education.

Real classroom, real time.

Learning comes from interaction. With WIU Interactive, you interact with your instructor and fellow students in live classes from your own computer. The first class - plus two other classes in every course - are live. You hear lectures, see videos, watch PowerPoint demonstrations - even pass notes! You can ask questions and participate in each class from the very beginning. Unlike tedious text-based online courses offered at other universities, WIU connects you to a true virtual classroom.

Interaction from anywhere.

Follow along as the instructor presents class material specifically designed for online delivery. You'll see a slide presentation, hear the instructor lecture, and participate in discussions with your fellow students. What's more, if you are not available to dial in to a live class, you can access a recording of it at your convenience - even if you're on the road.

All remaining classes in each course are pre-recorded. All offer the same variety of audiovisual delivery, but you choose when and where you access them.

To supplement this audiovisual format, log into an Internet site for your course syllabus, assignments, tests, and weekly threaded discussions, which are text-based conversations with the instructor and other students. WIU Interactive is exciting, multidimensional, and far more interactive than traditional online formats. All this, yet there are NO sophisticated computer requirements!

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